Fern Feed

1. I worked on a collaborative project with some classmates to design a media application for this place on my campus at Marist College called Fern Tor.” Our objective was to draw more attention to the area and get student involvement. This link includes our final write up along with all the steps we took to achieve this final product pre-actual build phase.

Design Document: FernFeed Design Document


2. During my final semester Sophomore year at Marist College, I worked on everything I would need to make a game right up to the actual “making” of it. I got to draw up characters, levels, sprites and create a navigable wireframe that basically summed up what the game would look like if it was actually made. This was a long process but a lot of fun and really taught me about what I can do. My idea for this project was to create a Greek mythological hero who battled the demons/monsters of his past within his mind as that is the only way he can get rid of them forever. Below you will find my design document and wireframes for this project as well as an adaption into Twine.

Design Document: Atticus Design Doc Final

Wireframes: Atticus Final Wireframes

Of Knights & Zombies (board game)

3. For my junior year at Marist College my group and I came up with a board game for our final project. We wanted to do something different and really enjoyed the interactivity and designing.

Design Document: Of Knights & Zombies Design Document

1507222_10152794795727906_1499698218618656151_o 10848769_10152794795862906_5673992386514780550_o 10861103_10152794795802906_7140890374270531686_o

Youtube Redesign Wireframes

4. During my final year at Marist college I had to choose a online media platform and redesign it in a way in which I thought would improve it. I choose Youtube, and looked at a specific vlogger’s channel and performed redesigns in Balsamiq that I thought enhanced and improved the design.

Redesign Youtube Layout Wireframes: Final Mockup

Primal Carnage: Interactive/Point-and-click game

5. During my final year at Marist college, for my Capstone project, my partner and I, came up with the idea of making a point-and-click interactive game with animals portraying human roles in the police workforce. It’s a bit of a different take on a story but we loved making it and plan on doing future work on it.

Design Document: Primal Justice Design Document

Wireframes: Capping Mockups

Final Presentation: Primal Carnage Powerpoint Presentation

Youtube Interactive Game: Primal Carnage Interactive Game

Maya Work

During my final semester at Marist College, I got the opportunity to use the Maya software and really enjoyed building things from the ground up and having something in my head literally come to life in front of me. Here are some screenshots of things I made.

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Personal Painting & Modeling Work

Ever since I was young I had a passion for The Lord of the Rings series. I’ve spent countless hours rewatching movies, playing games and researching my favorite moments. My passion eventually led me to a hobbyist game called “The Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game” which allowed me to recreate my favorite scenes or do new ones entirely. I’ve assembled, painted and modeled hundreds of figures for both myself and other family members. I set up two example scenarios below as well as my personal collection.

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ATHLEATZ Internship

As of February 2017, I started an internship with a fitness and supplement company in which I do graphic design, advertising and sales. Working for this company has allowed me to enhance my Adobe Photoshop skills and use them in an area that I’m very passionate about.

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