Nick Sibilla

1455 Long Hill road                                                                               Education

Millington, NJ 07946                                                Marist College, Graduate of 2016. GPA: 3.1

(908) 528-2310                                   Bachelor of the Arts in Interactive Media/Game Design


Software Experience:  Maya (2016), Balsamiq, MockingBird,  Microsoft: PowerPoint/Excel/Word, Construct II, Twine, Photoshop and GameSalad

Design Experience: UI/UX Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Web Design, App Design, Design Documents, Storyboards, Inspiration Boards & Wireframing

Misc:  Game board design and some basic exposure to Unity.

Other: Very experienced working in groups of up to six, with people of different skill sets, working on semester long projects. My roles have ranged from leader,  designer, marketer and tester.

Example Project Experience


Fern Tor App – Designer

Design Document and Wireframing

My freshman year of college I was tasked with creating a design document and wireframe for a nature preserve on campus. I worked in a group of four in which my role was helping to design the wireframe while making inspiration boards and storyboards.


Atticus Game– Designer

Design Document and Wireframing

My sophomore year I was given the freedom to make, as close to, an original game as I could. I chose to design a game around one of my favorite topics, Greek Mythology. I made original drawings, inspiration boards, storyboards and wireframes all of which culminated into a design document.


Of Knights & Zombies– Main Designer and Prototyping

Finished Board Game.

My junior year I worked in a group of four to create an original board game of our choosing. We decided to create a game based on two things we always wanted to see in a game but haven’t, medieval knights fighting against zombies in the apocalypse. I made and designed the game board and character traits. I used what I had learned from playing board games such as Risk, Stratego and other strategy battle games to create a balanced rule list and traits.



Favorite Games: Halo series, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Dark Souls series, Assassin’s’ Creed series, Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth series, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Catan, Jurassic World: The Game


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